Why Emerald Tide?

I started my own financial services company to help my clients pursue their goals with new and exciting financial strategies. These strategies are designed to help clients work towards their goals in a more tax-efficient manner.

My team and I are excited to share them. Many other financial professionals may not know about, or have access to some of these strategies. The vast majority of my clients have never seen them before we started working together.

Behind the Name

How could I convey my pride of ownership in the company, without literally putting my name on the door? The exact meaning of my last name, Gronowetter, is lost to history. One theory is that Gronowetter derives from the German for "green water." Emeralds are green. They also denote prosperity. Tide is the high point of the ocean at the beach. For many of us, the ocean evokes life, fun, good health, and sunshine. Emerald Tide Financial doesn't distribute emeralds or create sunshine. But we do endeavor to build prosperous lives for our clients and those they care about.

Let's turn the tide in your direction.

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