Emerald Tide Financial specializes in working with:

  • successful entrepreneurs and business owners
  • who are closer to retirement age than the beginning of their careers
  • who want to protect themselves from:
    • market loss
    • income taxes
    • inflation

We help our clients through our proprietary Tax-Free Retirement Accounts.

Clients contribute a minimum of $12,000/year, no maximum, for a set number of years.

Whatever you contribute in Year One, you must contribute the same amount in subsequent years.

All your money grows with the market, just like a 401k or IRA.

Unlike a 401k or IRA, you have a zero floor, or 100% downside protection against market loss.

Guaranteed by the A+ rated US financial institution we partner with.

Your TFRA will then generate tax-free income for the rest of your life.

Clients with $250,000 and up in retirement plan assets NOT with a current W2 employer may also roll over these assets into our TFRAs.

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